I am just an Anime Lover who likes to watch animes such as One Piece, Fairytail, Dragon ball Z, Bleach, Naruto/Boruto, and MY hero Academia. I like playing anime games as well as drawing them to. Got an Anime for me to watch, notify me I will watch it xD #TheColorsOfTheSupremeking

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Finishing jojo diamond is unbreakable kira is similar to aizen and tsukishima im intrested xD
just saw killer queen, SUGAE! x3
Boruto just got interesting with this monster maiden type serie watch it
Whos watching the one piece movie, i know i sure am xD
FLowing water, Roaring fist of Rendering AIR!
Too much filler in One piece the wano arc is where the action is at, so far so many teasers such as giant luffy but no action
Boruto and One Piece still going strong going to start watching Black Clover and Fairy tail soon so stay tuned for my reviews on those
okie so germa 66 is so awesome and op but the lightning guy is my faviorate go lightning god xD
blate watch of one piece episode gonna do that right now
Completed the Toriko And One Piece colaboration video and I'm gonna start watching Toriko, I would tell you once I start watching it!
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Just finished watching the latest One Piece episode it seems Luffy did his thing with his King Cobra attack in Snake Man form