Vinland Saga Episode 5
The Troll's Son sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/Legeis 路 1 month ago
Thorfin is fricking crazy man. The little mans deff gonna off some ppl
u/NextLevel 路 1 month ago
Hes going to go siccccccoooooo mode.
u/RemnantMemory 路 1 month ago
I've paid my dues...
I've sold my soul...
So tell me,what is left for me...
when I've given up EVERYTHING 馃敟馃敟馃敟
u/Risk 路 1 month ago
The answer you alone wolf
u/Anobeus 路 1 month ago
Such a banger
u/NyaakuSan 路 1 month ago
u/NyaakuSan 路 1 month ago
idk it feels too soft. I need more pain instead of "I have accomplished something" like bro you threw a knife ok good job. it wasn't good enough for *epic background music*
u/NyaakuSan 路 1 month ago
I can't wait to see heads fly off people. hope they don't censor that shit. the manga was lit bc I saw every body part fly
u/REST 路 1 month ago
Shit's bout to get real
u/Arky 路 1 month ago
The opening made me cry because of the last episode
u/bigwillieboy 路 1 month ago
fucking motorcycles man
u/Woethebro 路 1 month ago
viking my ass hes gon be a assassin creed man prob the first yes
u/premramman 路 1 month ago
I like how this anime is progressing, the manga was a bit confusing
u/Lou 路 1 month ago
yeah this is a lot better, the manga started out when thorfinn was a teenager then went back to his past.
u/pedroas1 路 1 month ago
yeah, i only read read around 50 chapters of the manga and i put it in hold(almost drop it) because its a bit confusing, for example, in the thorfin past.
u/ichijourin 路 1 month ago
God Damn This Anime Is Freakingly good LOL
u/hxper 路 1 month ago
The opening is so good!!!!!!!
u/paqe 路 1 month ago
u/premramman 路 1 month ago
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u/unfairr 路 1 month ago
one hell of strong eps.. so strong that's hurt so much
u/Ran 路 1 month ago
I can't wait for Thorfinn to become a beast
u/KfcJrs 路 1 month ago
Thorfinn : rage
Me: me when my phone accidently fall from my hand
u/Kcimor78 路 1 month ago
Thorfin is gonna use dual dagger instead of sword, thats cool, a different style for him. But his father said a real man doesnt need a sword, so id like to see some of that, even tho it doesnt make much sense... but thors did defeat hall of their man without his sword.Second anime where they kill my fav characters, 1st adolf in terra formars and thors in this one
u/Sage-kun 路 1 month ago
when he said a warrior doesn't need a sword he didn't mean in a fight, he meant in life. that's part of why he began to avoid war entirely
u/Ensis 路 3 weeks ago
yeahh that's what I always say when I look at how blind to revenge his son is