Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 14
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4.8 (331 votes)
Aired 2 months ago
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u/ASHLEY-chan · 2 months ago
This show hits hard real quick also I liked the old ed better.
u/meimomochi · 2 months ago
new op
u/unfzrtunate · 2 months ago
ah shit
u/Mirai01 · 2 months ago
i thought Kyo kiss Tohru...O///O
u/xey · 2 months ago
That would be nice but I don't think he wouldn't do that, considering he does not seem to be good with expressing these things
u/Hazard · 2 months ago
Kissing someone without consent is a huge no no. He may be an idiot, but at least he's not a predator.
u/KyousukeSanosuke · 2 months ago
SOOOOO.... are Kyo and Tohru related?
u/incredibleflan · 2 months ago
They aren't I guarantee you
u/hankit12 · 2 months ago
where did you get that idea from?
u/Xubin · 2 months ago
They probably are
u/surcen · 2 months ago
it's possible, they got the same hair color. and the hat scene is pretty tricky. I guess if Kyo and Tohru got the same mother, Kyo is probably older than Tohru, but then her mother asked for her memories to be wiped out...
u/Starhappy · 2 months ago
he only has that hair color due to being the cat, they are definitely not related, everything will be shown in future episodes
u/xey · 2 months ago
I like how she already picked up Kyo's feeling for Tohru but she is just letting everything happen naturally XD
Ahh this is what friends are for
u/Bnmpower · 2 months ago
Show did a 360 on me
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