Carole & Tuesday Episode 14
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Aired 1 month ago
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u/yoWEtrash · 1 month ago
Damn I called it from the minute I saw him, I'm sure a lot of us did....but I did NOT expect it to be revealed that early...
u/rui-masterace · 1 month ago
well....... shiiiiiiiiiiiiii..... TT __________________ TT
u/EliasM · 1 month ago
Damn Dann back at it again
u/Hazard · 1 month ago
I hope she learns aikido because of him.
u/OnlyGraD · 1 month ago
I'm so happy we saw Skip again! I hope Crystal comes back because her singing was awesome!
u/sweettapioca · 1 month ago
what was the point of Dann if hes just gonna be like "I'm so bummed that I was a shit dad, so now Im gonna spend years finding my daughter just to say hi and then leave right after." Like, he totally could've taught Carole something. Also? I dont give two fucks about Tuesday's mom or her brother. Scenes with them bore me to death. I love this show, I really do. Even so, why are they wasting time on this?