Black Clover Episode 59
Flames of Hatred sub

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Aired 9 months ago
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u/Saoirse_Foraoise · 9 months ago
[[Spoiler Alert]] Hmmm... I suspect Licht burned the elf village... Does anyone think that's what Fana realized at the end of the ep.?
u/Fullweab · 5 months ago
holy sheet. I think it is!!!
u/lakm06 · 9 months ago
Haha I love all their Petit Clover moments xD
u/Xbass · 9 months ago
lol amaising special mouve Asta-kun
u/Chigo · 6 months ago
Does that mean spikey dude is an elf or she was brainwashed and not really one
u/Psychocake · 3 months ago
if those elves were so damn strong that humans feared them, how come they got annihiliated by that trash spell... sometimes anime logic is just... ik its fiction but cmon at least try making it a little realistic. humans were so powerful because plot needed them to be... its just ridiculous
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